Kary Mullis' Death Was Convenient

The Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR test died shortly before the Covid-19 outbreak. Why?

Emily Jeffery 3:00 PM
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Kary Banks Mullis, born December 28th, 1944, was an American biochemist, and Nobel Prize winning Scientist. He is most known as the creator of the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests that were used during the AIDS epidemic in the 1980's, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic in the 2020's.

Decades before his death, Mullis was an outspoken opponent of many things: How his PCR tests were being misused, the corruption of the modern medical field, particularly, guys like Anthony Fauci.

If you don't know who Anthony Fauci is, I want to say, welcome to the world.

Anthony Fauci was credited as being “America's Doctor” in the 1980's for his part in discovering AIDS. This movement, discovery was Fauci's pride. His float to gloat. Any disturbance to that would have brought it all crashing down. He'd end up just being a standard, group-accredited doctor. Nothing would have been “special” about him and his career had it not been for AIDS.

It be would suffice to say that for a young, up and coming doctor from Brooklyn like Fauci, this discovering was pretty much a setup for a brilliant and comfortable career.

“In June 1981, I remember quite clearly, sitting in my N.I.H. office, reading in the morbidity, mortality weekly report, about five cases of an unusual pneumonia among gay men living in Los Angeles.”
Anthony Fauci

And it was.

Up until about a year ago, Anthony Fauci was still being applauded as a hero for his COVID-19 response. Although, one has to wonder why? We're talking about a man who flips, and flops.

  1. Masks should be worn.
  2. Or maybe not.
  3. The vaccine can prevent you from getting covid.
  4. Well, actually, it can't. Sorry.

Going back to the topic of PCR, I am very suspicious about the timing of the death of the tests creator, Dr. Mullis. On record, Mullis has gone on to say that he believes that the PCR tests were being misused, and the results of tests being administered were showing results extremely out of proportion. Or, as he would say it, “Making a whole lot of something, out of something?”

video credit to: GrazyYoung via Bitchute.com

Here's the thing: if the PCR tests that he created for a specific reason, were being used to show false results, that would be...that maybe a large percentage of people diagnosed with AIDS, or even COVID...didn't have it? Or, maybe all of them?

But we can't get any answers or analyses from the creator's mouth, because on August 7th, 2019, Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize winner for his creation of the PCR test, died in his home in Newport Beach, California, from complications of pneumonia.

Several months before word of the first COVID-19 outbreaks were announced.

Official media outlets and traditional journalists have failed to investigate the possible suspicious timing of his death, many underground sleuths and journalists, as well as everyday people, have raised questions.

I imagine that the misuse we're seen of PCR tests involving COVID – 19 would not have been as easy to hide had Mullis continued to live throughout the pandemic.

You can discredit a doctor who administers a test.

It'd be pretty difficult to discredit the Nobel Prize winning scientist who created it.

"Those guys have an agenda." Kary Mullis

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