What The Lockdowns Exposed

While the entire planet was forced to lockdown due to a virus that we weren't sure actually existed, the truth about our society and the people who “lead” us, came to light.

Emily Jeffery 2:00 PM
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Justin Trudeau, if memory serves me correctly, had always been seen as the “lovable”, but slightly dim Pretty Boy politician.

Heck, even I admit, during the 2010's, I had a bit of a crush on the PM.

But, something changed. I had heard rumors off, and on that the Canadian PM had been spotted and photographed wearing some ethnically offensive attire. I didn't give much credit to it. How could such a sweet, liberal guy be insensitive?

Image credit to Metro UK

This isn't going to be an “I hate Justin Trudeau” article, because I actually don't hate the guy. If anything, I want to thank him, and many other politicians around the world for exposing their true colors during this (forced imprisonment) lockdown.

Thank you, Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand, for showing us, on live television that you receive emotional joy at the thought (and action) of forcing New Zealanders to give up their bodily autonomy at your whim and will. Now, we know how you really feel.

Thank you, Donald J. Trump, especially. I'm extremely appreciative of your “Operation Warp Speed”. This program, which accelerated the production of an untested, experimental vaccine (MRNA Gene Therapy), allowed millions of Americans to be naively injected, under the guise of Making America Great Again, somehow.

Thank you, Bill DeBlasio, the mayor of New York City for returning the city back to its crime haven reputation of the 1980's.

These lockdowns exposed that the talking heads we see on TV: Fauci, for example, are no more informed about modern science than Billy who works at Costco, and Billy probably actually does his research, unlike Fauci who just makes wild statements and see which ones will stick.

We saw how governments pretty much treated their citizens like garbage. How restaurants and other businesses were willing, or rather, had their arms twisted by local governments, to turn away unvaccinated patrons.

“No Vax, No Service.”

The lockdowns also exposed how unappreciated the employee is to a business. How many people do you know, or maybe even your self, have taken a vaccine not out of genuine desire, but because their arm had been twisted by their employer?

What is the worth of a human?

The corruption. The lying to our faces. Forcing children to isolate during beautiful summer days while the elite enjoy their tropical vacations to...islands.

It's fucking disgusting, but I'll be damned if I regret this. If these “leaders” hadn't shown us who they really are, we would have still been stuck in the matrix.

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