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Every week we browse the internet and give our unsolicitied opinions to topics at hand.

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"When the world becomes a massive mess with nobody at the helm, it's time for artists to make their mark." -- Joni Mitchell
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I Want Real Love

Maybe it's because I've gone through a recent heartbreak, but I'm this loneliness I'm figuring out what I really want in love.

Emily Jeffery
9:11 PM

I Hate Working

I can admit right here, and right now, that I really fucking hate working.

Emily Jeffery
10:30 PM

Bitchute, Failure, And The Cost Of Free Speech

At one point, Bitchute had a lot of promise – a place for free thinkers to gather, and organize in the name of justice and coming together as humanity. Now, the site has become a cesspool of bigotry that has all but tanked its own reputation.

Emily Jeffery
12:00 PM

Not Wanting Those Who Hurt You To Suffer

It's quite a bizarre emotion – one that I could only bestow using a film analogy.

Emily Jeffery
5:19 PM
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